Gauge the Situation

In an age where youth violence is on the rise, teenage pregnancy is an epidemic and spirituality is often an afterthought, there is a powerful voice in Hip-Hop music crying out for change. Brooklyn born artist Gauge is a revolutionary MC, whose passionate faith based lyrics are being praised throughout the country and around the world for the message of hope they inspire.

Gauge, who has been featured in the Source's Unsigned Hype column (the same place where Biggie and Eminem were discovered), is a gifted wordsmith who spins real-life tales of struggle, pain and love into gripping songs that not only teach, but also move the body and soul. Aware that the beats an artist uses are as important as the lyrics he spits, Gauge has made it a habit to select only the most innovative tracks created by some of the top producers in music. His long time relationship with the Producer's Coalition of America, (the team behind hits like Put Your Hands Where My Eyes can See by Busta Rhymes, Poison By BVD and numerous other radio hits), has resulted in a marriage of music and ideas which has garnered Gauge unprecedented respect throughout the music industry. As an artist Gauge has taken the stage alongside Hip-hop and gospel luminaries such as the Fugees, Gangstarr, Chuck D, Viki Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Hezekiah Walker, Coolio and the Wu Tang Clan. Gauge has also collaborated with reigning Soca King Bunji Garlin on several occasions, with Garlin also making a guest appearance on Gauge's critically acclaimed debut album "December Thirty-First Nineteen Ninety-Nine" which was released in 2006.

A gifted live performer, Gauge is truly at his best when he is on stage in front of an audience. He has performed at various venues around the world including: the McDonald's Gospel Fest at the Prudential Center, the "Prayer for Hip Hop" at the Copa Cabana, shows at Crash Mansion, the Urban League of Southern Connecticut, Al Sharpton's "Sharp Talk", P.N.C. Radio, Pitney Bowes, Christian Cultural Center, WLIB's Holy Hip-Hop Show at Love Fellowship Tabernacle and The Universal Zulu Nation Thirty-fifth Anniversary to name a few.

Ever committed to the community Gauge has also performed in Brooklyn Public schools, Bronx Correctional facilities, Youth Centers, Nursing Homes, and churches. Gauge's appeal goes beyond age, race, and musical preference barriers to simply to reach the heart

After the international success of Gauge's debut album on Itunes, Myspace and other media outlets, the committed MC is currently touring around the country and is also back in the studio working on his next release. With hopes of spreading his message of faith, hope and prayer to an even wider audience this time around, Gauge has enlisted the help of more producers as well his team the Coalition and promises an album that will appeal to anyone who loves good music. If Nas was right and Hip-Hop is dead, then Gauge is here and ready to resurrect it.